Easily Increase Your Click-Through Rate WordPress Plugin

Easily Increase Rour Click-Through Rate WordPress Plugin

Purple Heart Rating WordPress Plugin

“This plugin helps you to generate these stars in search results by including some special HTML-tags called microdata. But even more: It allows the user to rate the current page, post or custom post type. After the rating the plugin provides a textarea-field for commenting and therefore provide more (helpful) information to the author. It‘s like Wikipedias new rating functionality!”

What you can do with this plugin:

  • Add stars to your search results
  • Edit every single text of the plugin
  • Choose your icon (like a heart, thumbs, arrows, and a lot more – see the screenshots for more examples)
  • Choose the color of your rating
  • Choose where to display the rating module (posts, pages, custom post types)
  • New: Hide the rating module on posts/pages where you don’t need it
  • Activate/Deactivate the modal-window that shows up after the rating.
  • Allow rating on comments.
  • Sort the comments depending on the ratings.
  • Get automatic updates when providing your purchase code.
  • Used the GD-Star-Rating Plugin till now? Not a problem. Just press the “Import” button and all your ratings will be imported to the Purple Heart Plugin.
  • New: Add the rating module anywhere by using a simple shortcode!

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How to Create Cute Tabs on WordPress

Hello tabs WordPress widget

Hello tabs wordpress widget

Hello tabs

“Hello tabs” is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating tabs element from any widgets you have! Plugin comes with 12 predefined styles and 24 animation effects! You can even create few tabs elements on a page!

24 animation styles

  • fadeInFadeOutDelay
  • slideDownSlideUp
  • fadeInSlideUp</option>
  • fadeInSlideUpDelay
  • slideDownSlideUpDelay
  • slideDownFadeOutDelay
  • showHide
  • showHideAnimate
  • leftShowLeftHide
  • topShowLeftHide
  • bottomShowLeftHide
  • rightShowLeftHide
  • leftShowRightHide
  • topShowRightHide
  • bottomShowRightHide
  • rightShowRightHide
  • bottomShowBottomHide
  • leftShowBottomHide
  • rightShowBottomHide
  • topShowBottomHide
  • topShowTopHide
  • leftShowTopHide
  • rightShowTopHide
  • bottomShowTopHide

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