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Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress


  • 100 built in preset Shortcodes + 87 Shortcodes for everyone that enter their License Key (FREE Downloadble Content)
  • Built-in Lightbox (Support for images and videos, 7 different themes, Animation from top or bottom. Set animation duration. Support for the following video formats:,,,,,,,,
  • New: Visual Columns
  • Get a quick overview of all shortcodes in the system
  • Create your own custom Shortcodes
  • Enter Shortcodes into different Categories
  • Enable or Disable “autop” settings in WordPress
  • Enable or Disable Shortcodes in Widgets
  • Add allowed external URL ’s for the build in thumbnail generator (Supports CDN )
  • Option to Restore Bundles
  • Shortcode Insert Tool: Choose between the standard “S” icon above the visual editor or Shortcode tool in a Metabox
  • Support for Custom Post Types (enable Shortcodes in individual custom post types)
  • Easy Import new Shortcodes
  • Easy Export Shortcodes
  • Automatic Update Notification
  • Downloadable Content (Only users with valid License Key). Download Bundles with additional Shortcodes and free Add-ons.

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